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Bed bugs suck the blood of our body and they can survive up to 3 months with no foods. Now can you imagine, how dangerous they are and how difficult to live life with them!

No worries, One Step Pest is here to make your life easy and remove them completely.


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Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs When Your a Subscriber at One Step Pest

Bed bugs are found in residential places where people live such as house, office, hotel, retail store, school, university, public transportation etc. They spread rapidly by traveler and tourist with their baggage and cloths. It spread out very quickly from bed to bed, room to room, house to house. A female bed bug lays 5 eggs in a day and 1k eggs in her lifetime. They are able to survive up to 3 months without foods.

Bed bugs suck blood from human body, especially at night. They will affect your happy sleep and keep annoying you by bugging all over the night. That can make your daily life undisciplined and difficult.

Different kinds of symptoms can be appeared on your smooth skin while they are bugging you. It’s pretty much problematic for the people those are suffering for allergies.

Now, can you imagine how dangerous bed bugs are? No worries, when you are a subscriber at One Step Pest! We’re ready to say goodbye to your bugging bed bugs. We are experienced by the last 10 years in removing bed bugs with their eggs means in root. Our mattress cleaning specialists in Ireland are certified and specially trained on bed bugs controlling services, visit for more info. Just, let us know and get relaxed. We’ll take care of everything. First, our expert team will inspect your property. Second, they will apply required treatment (don’t worry, we always use Eco-friendly technologies). And finally, we’ll come back again after 1 month with a free follow up treatment.

Our Affordable Pricing

We remove your bed bugs at a very regional and affordable prices. Let’s take a look on that:

  • 350 USD per bedroom with activity
  • 100 USD per additional bedroom for preventative treatment

NB: It is highly recommended that any connected room to the source or suspected room be treated also as a preventative measure. Our Bedbug Service comes with a 30 Day follow-up and a 60-day warranty at no additional fee

Additional Details & Warranty Information

  • We offer 100% guarantee of your bed bugs removal
  • One Time Service Agreement Required
  • No hidden charge will apply
  • Need help to estimate the quote?


Why One Step Pest’s Bed Bugs Treatment should be consider as the best

Here is few things that make our Bed Bugs removal services as the best as well as make our clients happy and we are happy too, we:

  • Offer 100% clients satisfaction guarantee
  • Always consider Eco-friendly technologies
  • Have 10 years of experience
  • Have certified technicians
  • Apply custom methodology
  • Offer 24 hours services

Awesome! No waits. Let’s Say Goodby to Bed Bugs

How to Identify Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are reddish brown in color, appearing redder after recently feeding. Adult bed bugs grow up to 1/4 of an inch in length. They have a flat oval body. You can feel a sickly sweet order, if high numbers of bed bugs are present in your property. Nymphs those are just hatched are white in color until they have had their first meal and pinhead in size.

Where Bed Bugs may Appear

They don’t live outside of home rather than they live in our home. Some comfortable and secured places for bed bugs as followings:

  • Under beds and mattress
  • Dismantle bed frames where they hide
  • In table and desk drawer hidden areas
  • Walls and carpet is a good place for bed bugs
  • Dirty clothes, shoes, and pant also can be consider as their own property
  • In car, bus, train and others shelter

Tips: To Remove Bed Bugs

Here are some organic tips those may be helpful to control bed bugs successfully:

  • Clean your bed’s mattress and frames at least twice in a week
  • Remove unnecessary clothes and furniture from your bed room
  • Before sleeping try to kill bugs by hand those appear in your bed. Apply few days, you can get a good result with heating repair too and company from California is the best solution in that case.
  • Destroy eggs of bed bugs from your bed frames, chairs, tables, walls and where you find it
  • Spray some detergent mixing with water
  • You can use some kinds of pests killer toxic. But, use it safely and at your own risk.

We know these tips is very difficult for you but it’s the real way. You have not enough time to eliminate this because you are a busy man. On the other hand, this way is not the permanent solution for controlling bed buga. It’s a serious problem for you and your family. So, it’s always better idea to be a subscriber to a pro bed bugs removal service provider as like One Step Pest and live painless live.

Need a help? Let’s us know


We are One Step Pest. When our clients experience unwanted pests, the one step they need to take is contact our team of skilled, experienced technicians. We specialize in ridding homes and businesses of unwanted insects with a tailored approach.

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