We Offer Guaranteed Termite Removal Services

Termites are a serious pest problem for property owners and require a professional solution. Every year, these wood destroying insects are responsible for several billion dollars in damages to homes in the U.S. If you notice a swarm of small flying insects when the weather gets warm, it is likely winged termites (also called swarmers) emerging from your home or outside. If winged termites are coming from your home, take the one step that will initiate an effective termite control process tailored to your needs by contacting us at One Step Pest.

At One Step Pest, we offer effective termite control solutions that feature a Trelona® Termite Colony Elimination Bait System and a Liquid Termiticide Application. These solutions and more will be used to develop customized treatment methods for each of our clients.

Our Prices for Termites Removal Services

We eliminate termites from your property at an affordable price. Let’s take a look on that:

Trelona Termite Colony Elimination Bait System
  • 599 USD Per Install
  • 45 USD for Quarterly Monitoring Fee
​Liquid Termiticide Application
  • ​Priced at 8 USD per linear foot

Additional Details & Warranty Information

  • We Offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee of Termite Removal
  • 1 Month Service Agreement Required
  • No Hidden Charge will Apply
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How to Identify Termites

Termites love to live in moisture places and inside dry woods. The dirty and unclean places are good for them to nest. You can look for them outside of the home that places are elevated from other places. Inspects old furniture and try to identify termites. Moisture soil is also preferable to termites and they nest in there rapidly.

8 Dangerous Things to Keep in Mind about Termites

Damages of termites are really dangerous. They grow rapidly and damage your property silently. Here are few things to keep in mind about termites:

  • Mainly they live in the underground of the soil
  • Precious furniture is destroyed by termites
  • Cultivating land and crops are also damaged by it
  • They are leaning in wood easily day by day
  • Even they destroy the house’s foundations and wide walls
  • There are three types of termites (subterranean, dry wood, damp wood)
  • Undergrounds termites are more dangerous than flying termites
  • Especially moisture places are preferable for living them

Tips: To Remove Termites

Here are some organic tips those may be helpful to control termites:

  • Keep your house clean and moisture free
  • Repair old and leaking water pipes
  • Besides your house’s place keeping clean and dry
  • Move water from the foundation
  • Damage termite’s eggs that you find after inspection
  • Spray some toxic and carbolic acid to kill them (use then safely and at your own risk)
  • Remove old furniture from your house that is already damaged
  • Keep away wood from the soil
  • You can call a termites removal pro service provider

Finally, you are getting to remove termites from your home forever. Our 10 years experiences are good enough for eliminating such kinds of inspects to save your properties. We always respond to our honorable clients who already subscribe to our services. You can contact us, our technicians will be prompt to make a response to you.

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